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Root Canal Therapy in West Hollywood 

Neil S. McLeod, DDS, provides root canal therapy in Hollywood, West Los Angeles, and all nearby areas. Our dentist helps you overcome tooth decay, including when it affects the tooth’s inner pulp. 

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Care Coordination

Before every other consideration, Dr. McLeod makes sure there is a way to keep you healthy. If he can save your tooth through root canal therapy, he will.

Yet, there are cases that can only be treated by an endodontic specialist. Root canal retreatment and root amputations are good examples of this. If you need specialty care, then we coordinate your care with a specialist. You visit our Hollywood dental practice for a diagnosis, and then Dr. McLeod connects you with the specialist.

After that care is delivered, Dr. McLeod makes sure you are properly healing and staying comfortable.

Root Canal Treatment

In most cases, however, Dr. McLeod can perform root canal therapy himself.

Our seasoned professional begins each root canal case by assessing where the decay is present. He makes sure he knows exactly how much of the tooth is infected, as well as the number and lengths of the tooth’s roots. This is the stage where he would refer out if necessary. But, treatment can usually continue.

Then, Dr. McLeod accesses the inner tooth. He removes all infected tissue and sterilizes the area. Once certain all decay is eliminated, he seals the inside of a tooth with a biocompatible agent. This seal prevents reinfection and makes the tooth more durable.  

Finally, when necessary, a crown is placed after the procedure is complete. Some patients only need a filling to cover the point of access. However, others need the crown to keep the tooth healthy and strong. Dr. McLeod can use porcelain crowns to keep your smile beautiful as well.

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Neil S. McLeod, DDS, offers root canal therapy to West Hollywood and the greater West Los Angeles community. If you live in or near our area, Dr. McLeod can help you save your teeth from decay or extraction. To learn more, call today and schedule an appointment.

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