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In spite of endless recommendations many of us engage in contact sports without protecting our teeth.  Children are especially vulnerable.  It is like boxing without gloves, you are bound to break something sooner or later. Thirty years of treating patient’s smiles in West Hollywood has taught Dr McLeod and his staff  that one moment of inattentiveness, one fleeting moment results in a lifetime of repeated treatments to maintain the appearance of our smiles.  A banged or chipped tooth can be knocked out, need root canal treatment, a crown or replacement with an implant or bridge or a partial denture.

If you play football or soccer, hockey or take Karate or boxing, or if you are on the swimming team or play water-polo please consider a professionally made Mouth Guard.

Right of the bat let me tell you that the “boil and bite” versions of Mouth and Bite Guards can rarely if ever do the job of a custom guard. Athletic guards need to be made out of a resilient material with sufficient thickness to prevent the teeth from biting through it and strength to withstand considerable impact. Most important they need to be vacuum molded so that they fit accurately and do not fall down or become dislodged when the head is jolted or jarred.


The Facts

Victims of total tooth avulsions (knocked out teeth) who do not have their teeth properly preserved or replanted may face lifetime dental costs of $10,000 – $15,000 per tooth, hours in the dentist’s chair, and the possible development of other dental problems. Please wear a mouth guard, for sporting activities, and remember tell tell your family and friends that At Doctor McLeod’s office in West Hollywood, we can fix these problems properly.

Mouth Guards can not fit accurately, and wiill not have “Suction” which holds them in place firmly, unless they are made on custom made models from impressions taken by a dentist.

Athletic Dental Mouth Guards can be made in various colors so that they may be seen easily and add personal flare.