As people grow older, it’s not uncommon to lose teeth due to decay, disease, or injuries. In years past, there were limited options to fill the gap created when a tooth needed to be removed. Most times, the gap either remained or a patient was fitted with dentures or a dental bridge.

However, advancements in dental care led to another option – dental implants. In fact, due a success rate of up to 98%, dental implants have become a preferred way to permanently solve a challenging and common dental health problem.

With offices located on Sunset Blvd, in the heart of West Hollywood, Dr. McLeod can provide residents in nearby communities this safe and viable option.

Will Dental Implant Surgery Hurt?

Many patients are surprised at how little pain they experience. Most describe it as less pain than a tooth extraction, and about the same as having a tooth filled. Dentists usually only need to prescribe ibuprofen or similar pain medications to relieve any temporary discomfort.

What Is the Success Rate for Dental Implants?

Implant procedures have been refined over the years, and now with a success rate of about 98%, rejections are extremely rare. Reasons for rejection may include an infection, tissue rejection, or in some cases, an allergy to the titanium screw. When rejection takes place, the screw is removed, the area is allowed to heal and another attempt to set the screw takes place.

Are Dental Implants Covered by Insurance?

In some instances, the answer is yes. However, since it is still considered an elective procedure, in general the answer is no. It is best to check with your dental insurance provider to get the answer that applies to you.

How Long Will a Dental Implant Last?

Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime. Once the work is done, with very few exceptions, patients do not need to worry that they will need to revisit an implant at some point in the future, making them an attractive proposition.

What Happens If I Don’t Replace a Tooth with a Dental Implant or Some Other Means?

Leaving a hole where your tooth was can lead to gum disease and bone loss in many instances. Your teeth may shift which will cause jaw and headache pain.

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