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Cuspid Lift- Cuspid Protection

Cuspid protection, Cuspid lift, cuspid rise, mutually protected occlusion, eye teeth, chipped front teeth, Los Angeles Dentist, Los Angeles dental care, tooth care, protect teeth, teeth grinding, Dr Neil McLeod Los Angeles Dentist, West Hollywood dentist, Los Angeles dentist.Cuspid protection is the bodies natural way of preventing the teeth from being damaged.  The eye teeth have the longest strongest roots of all the teeth in the dental arches, and they resist lateral pressure really well.  The eye teeth have a nervous innovation which causes the teeth to part and stop biting when the force is excessive.  They provide ramps up which they slide causing the back teeth to separate and the front teeth to stop striking when we grind from side to side.  This prevents bone loss around the molars and the bending of the teeth which results in enamel being lost and their necks, a process called Abfraction.

Bruxers grind their eye teeth down and cause the back teeth to touch excessively hard and wear down, this also allows the front teeth to become chipped and mars the smile.

While a bite guard protects against this,  cuspid lifts are a more permanent solution, replacing the missing tooth structure.  They can be made of gold which last really well, but today they are usually made of porcelain veneers or complete crowns on the eye teeth.

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Almost imperceptible in the smile they open the "Bite" when grinding to the side.


The bite opening on Crown with cuspid lift


Crowns with cuspid protection that open the "bite"